Who is Paul?

I am a software developer with more than a decade of experience working with small and medium-sized businesses to develop practical solutions.

I am currently working at Fixed Cost Financial, building a more straightforward, more honest, transparent, and affordable way to invest your money and get advice.

In my free time, I am working on Dispatch and CartaCRM (Still pre-beta) as well as other miscellaneous pet projects. Don't worry, though; all work and no play makes everyone pretty dull; I also consider myself a ☕️ coffee roasting, 🥃 whisky collector, and 🎧 headphone/HiFi enthusiast.

Enough about me. Let's learn more about yourself. I am always open to consulting and part-time projects. Have an idea? Think my experience would be a good fit? Want to bounce some ideas and see if they stick? Send me a message, and we can have a chat.

Every business is a software business, whether they like it or not.

Have a proposal or just want to chat?